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    Saphir - Storm of love

    Композиция: Saphir - Storm of love
    Время звучания: 3:54
    Размер композиции: 3.07 Мб

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    Скачать Saphir - Storm of love

    Текст песни Saphir - Storm of love
    All my friends often say
    I should leave you alone
    I'd like to see you again
    When they tell me I'm wrong
    Cause your heart's made of stone
    I know they're right in the end
    But you move to my dreams
    Like a warm summer wind
    Is not good to retain or just a lie
    And the touch of your hand
    Like a breeze on my skin
    It's stronger than a warm wind in the sky
    Storms of love - a gentle power
    Storms of love without the charms
    Storms of love
    Like a preach it can bring me to my knees
    I'm helpless when I'm longing to your arms
    Storms of love - a restless flyer
    Storms of love - a hurricane
    Storms of love
    In my heart they are tearing me apart
    And I lose my control again
    When I try and I try
    Not to see you again
    I change my apartment downtown
    Call some girls late at night
    Throw a party to friends
    Music and fun all around
    So I'm telling myself
    Not to think about you
    But my memory has lost a hopeless fight
    And I'm safe and I'm strong
    And then I'll make it through
    A lonesome heart against the stormy night
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